3000 liters fish farming tank, with PVC tarpaulin material, above ground with metal frame

Item No.: ZLFC3000
High quality PVC canvas fish farming tank,PVC shrimp framing tank, fish farming tank,above ground fish tank, PVC fish farming tank, metal frame fish farming tank; collapsible, flexible, foldable, with PVC canvas materials,shape round, easy storage, transp
3000 liters fish farming tank, with PVC tarpaulin material, used for fish and shrimp farming, above ground with metal frame

Zhonglian foldable fish farming tank are suitable for small scale fish farming in areas like compound, backyard, garage, garden, etc. It’s Ideal for large scale fish farming investments/projects in open fields, and high degree of customization to suit a variety of farming projects. At the same time, as it can easily be removed and carried to another location, thereby making it ideal for tenants.

Tough and light weight with high tensile strength
Non-toxic and non-corrosive to water and fishes
UV-stabilized to withstand extreme weather events
Foldable, quicker and easier to set up and transport
Low height gives you easy access to watch the fishes
Light colours to make it easier to see the fishes, but also beautify your farm
Bespoke applications in any size, shape or fitting to order against drawings
Foldable fish tank for fish farm, shrimp, prawn, koi and aquarium, etc.

Shape Grade Volume(L) Diameter(m) Height(m)
ZLFC700 700L 1.22 0.6
ZLFC1000 1000L 1.45 0.6
ZLFC1500 1500L 1.8 0.6
ZLFC2000 2000L 1.8 0.8
ZLFC2500 2500L 2 0.8
ZLFC3100 3100L 2 1
ZLFC3000 3000L 1.95 1
ZLFC3750 3750L 2 1.2
ZLFC5000 5000L 2.3 1.2
ZLFC7000 7000L 2.75 1.2
ZLFC8500 8500L 3 1.2
ZLFC10000 10000L 3.25 1.2
ZLFC12000 12000L 3.55 1.2
ZLFC15000 15000L 4 1.2
PVC coated polyester fabric is a tough, flexible material with good abrasion, weathering and ozone resistance.  Zhonglian have the capability to fabricate a wide range of sealed, welded  products by using this material.

ITEM 00654W2 00904W2 01054W2 01304W2
Weight  (g/m2) 650 900 1050 1300
Thickness (mm) 0.5 0.72 0.82 1
Tensile strength (N/5cm) >=2800/2600 >=3200/2800 >=4000/4500 >=5000/5500
Tearing strength (N) >=350/300 >=350/300 >=350/300 >=550/600
Adhesion (N/5cm) >=900 >=120 >=130 >=130
Applicable temperature (oC) -30 to +70
PVC type of coating Both sides
PVC type of coating White, grey, red, blue etc.
Remark: Data above are typical test value and should not be used for specification purposes. We normally use material grade 01054W2 for production of fish farming tank.