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Portable Water Tank

Item No.: ZLPT-1000
Portable water tanks
made of PVC fabric

Product Name: Flexible Water Tank

With high performance technical fabrics, exclusive technology and advanced production line,
we produced goods with outstanding properties, for instance, high tensile strength, non-leakage, high weather resistance...

Low cost, large capacity
Strong strength, long using life
Quick to set up and charge
 Suit to truck bed, container 
Material Parameters:
ITEM 00654W2 00904W2 01054W2 01304W2
Weight  (g/m2) 650 900 1050 1300
Thickness (mm) 0.5 0.72 0.82 1
Tensile strength (N/5cm) >=2800/2600 >=3200/2800 >=4000/4500 >=5000/5500
Tearing strength (N) >=350/300 >=350/300 >=350/300 >=550/600
Adhesion (N/5cm) >=900 >=120 >=130 >=130
Applicable temperature (oC) -30 to +70
PVC type of coating Both sides
  Remark: the most common material is 01054W2.
Applications :
• Rainwater for irrigation and watering
• Wash water for agricultural and industrial materials
• Water storage on drilling site, mining etc.
• Pollution control, decontamination
• Chemical processing wastewater
• Bulk liquid storage and transport