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Zhonglian Produces the PVC Pool Lining for both Swimming Pool and Fish Farming Pool

Zhonglian swimming pool lining is produced by PVC swimming water proof film by professional high frequency heating welding. It can also be wildely used fish farming pool as pool lining. Zhonglian produce the best quality pvc pool lining for both swimming and fish farming, for better and convenient life.

Swimming pool waterproof film is an environmental protection waterproof material used in wading places. It is the leading waterproof material in the waterproof industry for the past ten years. Because swimming pool film have more choice for color, design and shape, and it’s more convenient for installation and maintainance, it’s widely used and accepted.
PVC, full name is Polyvinylchloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. It is safer to use in swimming pool waterproofing, and data shows that the traditional tile-type swimming pool is prone to the phenomenon of tile glue falling during use. Due to the shedding of tiles, it will cause potential safety hazards of tiles scratches. After using the PVC swimming pool waterproof film, there is no need to worry about pool scratches.

We know that the leakage of pool water is the most common problem during the use of our swimming pool. Therefore, in the past, many swimming pools will add a waterproof layer in the pool during the construction process. However, even if the swimming pool has a waterproof layer, the effect is still unsatisfactory, because the waterproof layer will still sinks as the ground sinks. This still cannot fundamentally eliminate the leakage of the swimming pool.

However, if our swimming pool uses PVC swimming pool waterproofing film, this situation can be fundamentally prevented because the PVC swimming pool film completely separates the relationship between the pool water and the surface, so that even if the ground sinks, there will be no Leakage occurred. As long as the maintenance method is used properly, the swimming pool film will not leak water repeatedly during the usage.

The swimming pool waterproof film has a history of twenty years in use. The waterproof film performs better in various structures of swimming pools and are suitable for various shapes of swimming pools. It is easy to install and no need repeated leakage repairs. PVC environmental protection is closer to people's pursuit of the state of the health. As the material could be repeatly used, will not cause secondary pollution. For summary, swimming pool waterproof film has the advantage of clean and environmental protection.