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The Water Bladder Tank Can Meet with Demand of Water Transportation in Agricultural Production

The water bladder tank can meet with demand of water transportation in agricultural production
The water bladder tank is a convenient water storage tool. Unlike the traditional water tanks, buckets, and reservoirs, it is not a water storage tool that is difficult to handle. The water bladder tank itself has a very low weight when it is in the absence of liquid. The maximum weight is about 10 kg, compared with its water storage capacity it is a very convenient water storage tool. At the same time, then there is no water in the tank, the tank is flexible and foldable, its very convenient for storage when you dont need to use it. White, traditional water tanks, buckets, and reservoirs is very difficult to handle because of it weight, shape, and storage way.
In general, small water bladder tanks have a storage capacity of about a few cubic meters, while large water bladder tanks do not have a fixed value of more than a dozen cubic meters and some dozens of cubic meters, depending on where the water bladder is used.  For example, Large-scale bridges pre-press water sac, which can store several hundred cubic meters of water.
What are the advantages of water bladder tanks in agricultural production?
1.Easy to transport, water bladder tank can be transported by general agricultural machinery, and it is convenient to transport.
2.The volume is small. The water bladder is very small when it is not storing liquids and can be folded so that it does not take up extra space.
3.The reserves are huge, and the reserves of large water bladder tank can reach dozens or even tens of tons of water.
4.To save energy, the water injection method is simple and fast and does not waste extra energy.
Why use water bladder tanks for agricultural production?
Everyone may feel that the water in the water source around us will obviously decrease during the summer. This has a certain relationship with natural weather, but studies have shown that the largest amount of water is currently used in agriculture, so this is why the phenomenon of less water is inseparable from agricultural production activities. Frequent and extensive use of water causes the scarcity of water resources around the agricultural areas in some areas. At this time, “water transfer” is needed and the traditional way of “water transfer” in agriculture is to use water pumps and pipes to transport water over a long distance, but this The distance is conditional: a pump power problem; a second energy problem; a three-pipe problem. These conditions restrict the transport of water. At this time, the water bladder tanks will solve this water transport problem. The large water storage capacity of large water bladder tank can satisfy certain water transport operations. The volume difference is huge. Generally speaking, the water storage capacity of small-scale water bladder tank is about a few cubic meters, while the large-scale water bladder tanks has no fixed value of more than 10 cubic meters and tens of cubic meters, mainly to see the water sac. Where it is used, for example, large bridges pre-press water bladder tanks, which can store several hundred cubic meters of water.