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The Main Application and Price of PVC Coated Fabric (PVC Tarpaulin/ PVC Canvas)

The main application and price of PVC coated fabric (PVC tarpaulin/ PVC canvas)
PVC coated fabric is widely applied in our daily life.But people may feel relatively unfamiliar when they face such a name. You may see the large fabric cover on the trucks used in the rainy day on the highway. You can also cover your car with a fabric for UV and water proofing. There are also raincoats worn in the rainy days, all of which are PVC coated fabric(PVC tarpaulin/ PVC canvas).
PVC coated fabric (PVC tarpaulin/ PVC canvas)
PVC coated fabric is made of fiberglass fabric, glass cotton fabric, or chemical fiber fabric as base fabrics and coated with PVC layer through a special process. The main performance characteristics are: waterproof, fire-retardant, mildew-proof, cold-proof and corrosion-proof, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet rays, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance , good heat preservation, etc. PVC fabric is not widely in our daily life, but is generally applied in areas of production and transportation. When transporting long-distance goods in a train or a car, if it is easy to be effected with damp, it is necessary to cover it with PVC-coated fabric at this time, and the main function is to waterproof it. At the same time, coated fabric can also be used in mines. It is generally necessary to dig deeply when working in mines, there is no air in the ground, and air  ventilation is required. At this time, PVC-coated fabric is used to ventilate air. If you are people living in the north, you should noted it, people will put a layer of stuff on the heating pipe or the water pipe in winter. The kind of cloth-like material is PVC coated fabric, which is mainly used for insulation.
In addition, PVC coated cloth can also be used for tent construction, trade show tent, marque tent for event, temporary housing,wedding, trade show and so on. At the same time, it could be used for collapsible pvc fish farming tankmetal frame swimming pool, pvc flexible water tank for water storage and transportation, and also can be used for irrigating, rainwater harvesting and irrigating. Since the application of PVC coated fabrics is very extensive, many manufacturers produce coated fabrics, and production can fully meet with market demand. So the price is not too expensive, it is a general consumer product. The specific price is generally determined by the size of the cloth you buy. If it is wholesale, it will be even cheaper.