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Our products gained attention from the United Nations Development Programe

Our products for rainwater harvesting gained attention from the United Nations Development Program. In Sep.10, 2017, we were invited to the UNDP to make presentation for the development and promotion of rainwater harvesting tank series products.

The relevant authorities of the department appraised our products, and arranged a visit to us to discuss more details about the project promotion and application cooperation in the world.

Zhonglian rainwater harvesting system is one of the best and economic way to collect rainfall for irrigation in rural or semi-arid inland area. 

-Much lower price for material, installation and maintainance
-Available in various sizes &shapes, capacity could be several to hundreds of cubic meters, depends on different local conditions
-Easy to install, move, reinstall: 1 man can finish 1pc installation in 1 day
-Suitable to be installed under different conditions
-Convenient to use & be connected to other irrigation systems
-Pretty good performance in tightness, anti leakage, shakeproof
-10 years long using life
-Easy to repair and maintain