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How to Build the Balcony Fish Pond- Recommend to Use PVC Canvas Pond

How to build the balcony fish pond- recommend to use PVC canvas pond
If you have a large yard to build a pond to raise koi, this is of course very cool, but many friends who like Koi are suffering from living in the building. There is no yard to build a large Koi fish pond, it is really unpleasant. But still this situtation can not stop friends love Koi's heart. Many friends want to use their own terraces, balconies, and even build a Koi pond in the living room. But what material is better? Will it leak? Will it affect the indoor air humidity? Will the interior be very wet? Will the noise of the filtration system affect the family's rest at night?

The right choice of building materials for the fish pond in the balcony of the building is very important. If you just want to put a fish pond simply, the easiest thing is to build a canvas fish pond. If you decide to build a canvas fish pond, experts in Guangdong Zhonglian New Material Technology Co., Ltd recommend you to use "PVC" coated fabric, which is a double-sided coated by PVC materials by using advanced technology. Zhonglian PVC canvas fish farm tank uses a special high phrequency heat-sealing process to solve joints, leaks, and increase service lifespan. PVC canvas was the first anti-feed material in the 1990s. The canvas fish pond produced by Zhonglian is made of PVC coated canvas, it is lighter, more durable, and can be used for a normal life of 5-8 years; this material is waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic, with excellent performance of breaking strength, tearing elongation, tearing strength, which is much better than the traditional tarpaulin. When use it to produce the finished fish pond, the heat sealing can be used to splicing, thereby eliminating the worry of leaking the sewing holes. According to the needs of users, Zhonglian can suppply customized products with different functions, colors and thicknesses. 
Zhonglian PVC canvas fish farming tank/Pond is widely used for aquaculture industry becuase of  its exellent quality and convenience for insallation and storage.
Foldable PVC Canvas Fish Farming Tank
Zhonglian foldable fish farming tank are suitable for Recirculating Aquaculture System. It’s Ideal for large scale fish farming investments/projects in open fields, and high degree of customization to suit a variety of farming projects. At the same time, as it can easily be removed and carried to another location, thereby making it ideal for tenants.
  1. Tough and light weight with high tensile strength
  2. Non-toxic and non-corrosive to water and fishes
  3. UV-stabilizedto withstand extreme weather events
  4. Foldable, quicker and easier to set up and transport
  5. Low height gives you easy access to watch the fishes
  6. Light colours to make it easier to see the fishes, but also beautify your farm
  7. Bespoke applications in any size, shape or fitting to order against drawings
Foldable fish tank for fish farm,shrimp, prawn, koi and aquarium, etc.
PVC coated polyester fabric is a tough, flexible material with good abrasion, weathering and ozone resistance.  Zhonglian have the capability to fabricate a wide range of sealed, welded  products by using this material.
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