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Glow In Dark Masterbatch for pipes, sheet, film, injection, extrusion, molding, cables, home appliances

Item No.: zl-gidmb01
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Glow in Dark Masterbatch
Glow in dark masterbatches are also named luminescent masterbatch, Photoluminescent masterbatch, luminous masterbatch, blowing masterbatch. It’s a kind of masterbatch that has the function of self-glowing. Zhonglian Luminous masterbatch are mainly used for PP, PE, ABS, PC, PVC, etc. and widelyused in electrical switches, spinning, glow in the dark, handicrafts and other industries. Our standard percentage of pigment is 20%-60%. The brightness and afterglow time of the finished products is dependent on the usage rate of luminous masterbatch into the compounds. Also we supply customizing service that luminescent masterbatch pigment can be chose by yourselves and luminous masterbatch are made according to your requirements.
• Strong spontaneous illuminating capabilities:absorb light in bright places and emit light in dark places in 8-12 hours
• Quick activating Highly loaded concentrate
• The same heating temperature with that for plastic resin
• Excellent weather and light fastness
• Free of hazardous substances
• High color concentration pigment
Injection molding (Automotive, Electronic, Home appliances, Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc. )
Film (Blowing film, casting film, laminating multilayer film, packaging, agriculture film, etc.)
Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc)
Extrustion Molding (Sheet, Pipe, Blowing bottle, etc.)
Wiredrawing (Wire & Cable, etc. )  
Zhonglian Masterbatch is available in the packing of 25 kgs. laminated moisture proof bag. Keep the product in cool & dry place with good ventilation. Away from the direct sunlight, high temperature, rain pour and not under heavy loads. Shelf life of Masterbatch is about 15 months from the manufacturing date. Thereafter still it can be used, but with little higher dosage %ge than usual.