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Frame Tanks

Item No.: ZLFT1000
Portable Frame Tanks
Easy To Install

Material Parameters:

With high performance technical fabrics, exclusive technology and advanced production line, we produced goods with outstanding properties, for instance, high tensile strength, non-leakage, high weather resistance...
Open top, cover is also available               
Steel rigid outer frame
 Flexible interior liner
Quick to set up and take in
 Light, strong, and rustproof
 Customized for size, color ...


Material Parameters:
ITEM 00654W2 00904W2 01054W2 01304W2
Weight  (g/m2) 650 900 1050 1300
Thickness (mm) 0.5 0.72 0.82 1
Tensile strength (N/5cm) >=2800/2600 >=3200/2800 >=4000/4500 >=5000/5500
Tearing strength (N) >=350/300 >=350/300 >=350/300 >=550/600
Adhesion (N/5cm) >=900 >=120 >=130 >=130
Applicable temperature (oC) -30 to +70
PVC type of coating Both sides
  Remark: the most common material is 01054W2.
• Agriculture irrigation
• Construction water supply
• Firefighting water
• Emergency water supply
• Residential water storage
• Fish farming
• Water treatment tank