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Flexible Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Item No.: rainwatertank
Flexible rainwater harvesting tank

To solve the agricultural water stress problem in north of China,
our company developed the flexible rainwater harvesting tank, and patented it in 2013.
After brought to experiment and market for several years, thousands of products are installed in domestic and overseas now,
which helped and improved a lot for the situation of people suffering from drought.

Product Name: Flexible Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Features :
• High strength: Made from advanced macromolecule composite materials;
• High weather resistance: suitable in severe environment with high-cold climate and high-heat climate;
• Good tightness: anti-leakage, anti-quake;
• Safety and health: never degenerating in water, no peculiar smell;
• Long using life: almost 10 years, anti-UV, anti-aging;
• Environment friendly: never make the ground hard, no damage to vegetation;
• Good applicability: suitable to different regions to meet all requirements;
• Ease of use: convenient to install and use;
• Cost effectiveness: lower cost, higher rainwater collecting and use efficiency;