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Flexible Biogas Digester

Item No.: zlfbd01
Flexible, convenient to install, maintain and replace the equipments;
Flexible Biogas Digester
• Made from PVC coated Fabric, good air tightness.
• Made by high frequency welding method and processing. 
• Anti uv, anti fire, acid resistant and antimildew, cold resistant, anti riot sun, lightning protection, anti seismic, high tensile
and high weatherresistant;
• Can be packed easily, light, small, easy to ship, fast and easy to install, quick gas production, be able to be installed in different geological condition, eg: ground mass, soil matrix, sand matrix etc.
• Easy to use and maintain, clean the slag outside instead of getting into the digester, safe and removable.
• Low cost, the cost is on third of concrete, glass steel methane tank, long lifetime, the average life time is longer than normal biogas tank.