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Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Zhonglian rainwater harvesting system is one of the best and economic way to collect rainfall for agricultral irrigation in rural or semi-arid inland area. 


Flexible collapsible water bladder tank

Flexible collapsible water bladder tanks are widely used in the Public Projects and Industrial Areas, to provide bulk storage of water and liquid in many applications: Water, Wastewater, Chemical liquid and oil storage etc. The shape can be pillow, rectangle, onion, top open etc. as required.

Other Application by PVC coated fabric

Zhonglian produce PVC coated fabric products for other application, such as portable canopy tent, air supported structure, and biogas storage tank, etc.


White Masterbatch

Zhonglian manufacture a wide range of white masterbatches with a concentration of up to 75% titanium dioxide based on PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS and EVA materials. These masterbatches are widely used in fields of application such as labels...

Black Masterbatch

Zhonglian black masterbatches with a concentration of up to 50% black carbon can be used for a wide variety of polymers including PP, PE, PS, ABS and EVA etc. The color is customized for tinting strengths of blue, jet, black and brown, etc..

Color Masterbatch

Zhonglian color masterbatches are compatible with universal polymers and engineering plastics while optimizing your costs and productivity. Except standard color, we can match a color according to your supplied sample...


Additive Masterbatch

Zhonglian supply different kinds of additive and special effect mastertaches as required, such as glow in dark masterbatches ,pearlescent masterbatch, UV Stabilizer masterbatches,antistatic masterbatches, etc.

Modified Engineering Plastic Compounts

We manufacture Modified engineering plastics with enhanced performance meeting customers’ specific requirements in injection molding and extrusion processing. Our majority applications are for transportation (electrical/electronic components...