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Antistatic Masterbatch for PP PE PC HIPS ABS for injection, extrusion pipe, blowing film, moulding

Item No.: zl-atsmb01
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Antistatic Masterbatch
Zhonglian Antistatic Masterbatches are designed to customize the customer’s requirementsto reduce the electrical resistance on the surface of films or sheets, supply a lubricating effect in injection molding, or reduce the electrical resistance to provide the better properties for multilayer films.
• Lasting and efficient anti-static effect
• No incompatibility
• Low oiliness, resist fouling and dust
• Reduce Electrical resistance.
• Excellent lubricating property.
• Improve productivity & performance
• Good conductivity
• Easy & excellent dispersion
Pipes: PPR/PE/PE-RT/PVC etc
Personal Computers: ABS/PC-ABS etc.
Film Blowing
Fiber Drawing
Household Appliances
Automobile and Motorcycle Accessories
Zhonglian Masterbatch is available in the packing of 25 kgs. laminated moisture proof bag. Keep the product in cool & dry place with good ventilation. Away from the direct sunlight, high temperature, rain pour and not under heavy loads. Shelf life of Masterbatch is about 15 months from the manufacturing date. Thereafter still it can be used, but with little higher dosage %ge than usual.