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1000-20000 Liter Pillow Flexible Water Storage Tank Inflatable Bladder Plastic

Item No.: 1000-20000 Liter
Our factory manufactures all kinds of water storage tanks with PVC coated material, including forest fire fighting tank, irrigating water bladder tank,PVC bladder tank,PVC tarpaulin water bladder tank, agricultural water tank for sale
1000-20000 Liter Pillow Flexible Water Storage Tank Inflatable Bladder 

Zhonglian collapsible water bladder tanks are widely used in the public projects and industrial areas, to provide bulk storage of water and liquid in many applications: water, wastewater, chemical liquid and oil storage etc. The shape can be pillow, rectangle, onion, top open etc.  or as required.


- self-erecting open flexible tank
- quick solutions to implement and require no special maintenance.
- can be used outside, in crawl space or under limited condition.
- Commendable finish
- High resistance to water
- Unmatched strength

- Rainwater Storage
- Water storage and tansport for irrigation
- Construction Site or Facility Water Supply
- Process, Production, or Brine Water Storage for Small Jobs
- Chemical Based Water Storage
- Waste Water Storage
- Other liquid storage
- Great for storing potable and non potable (gray) water as well


1  Place of origin   Guangdong, China
2  Material   1050gsm PVC
3  Capacity   7 cubic meters / 7000 litre / 1850 US gallon
4  Dimension   4.4m x 2m x 0.8m / 14.4ft x 6.56ft x 2.62ft
5  Shape   Pillow tank / rectangle tank
6  Color   Blue / gray / orange ... ...
7  Accessories   Inlet port, outlet port, valve, quick coupling, ground sheet, cover fabric ... ...
8  Weight   55 kg
9  Packing size   0.3 cbm
    1. Custom services are available
    2. Reference data only, actual information should meet customers' demand